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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Most of your questions will be found under our APPLY tab
  • Where do I download the application to mail in?  The link to download our applications is under APPLY but you may click here for it as well :) If mailing in the application be sure to send pictures of your work as well as the $100 deposit.  Again please review all information under our APPLY tab.
  • Do I have to mail my application, pictures and payment?  Yes.  We do accept credit cards but there is a 3% surcharge.  So you will need to mail in all three pieces i.e. application, pictures and payment (if paying by credit card please call our office).  
  • What is the pricing of the shows?  Please download our application for pricing.
  • Do you accept vendors that are not artists or makers?  No, we only allow artist and crafters in the events.  No mass produced items or representatives for big brands are allowed.
  • Is there a deadline to apply?  No but the shows will fill up so we advise sending in the applications in November or December. 
  • Where is your exhibitor set-up information?  The exhibitor set-up information is under EXHIBITOR INFORMATION.
  • Where?!!! Where do I send my application to??? Carolina Shows, Inc. , PO Box 853 Matthews, NC 28106 :)


More questions?

Feel free to call us at 704.847.9480 or email us at Festivals@madeinthesouthshows.com and we will be happy to help!